Top Adena

Below are the players who have the most Adena.
This ranking was updated in 18/09/2019 at 08:26.

Name Clan Adenas Time
NoSeinundaMas LeagueOfJustice 49.137.846 9d, 23h 47m
BlancaNieves LeagueOfJustice 33.545.541 5d, 5h 24m
Katara NewWorldOrder 24.044.284 1d, 8h 29m
Kronos NewWorldOrder 23.250.978 5d, 23h 14m
MoCo LosMarGiNaLeS 20.418.658 0d, 22h 53m
Onlynight Genocide 19.303.395 13d, 16h 20m
LethalArrow LeagueOfJustice 18.423.372 14d, 1h 43m
Hephaestos NewWorldOrder 16.493.124 9d, 20h 28m
RABIOSAMORDELONA LeagueOfJustice 15.100.000 7d, 2h 28m
10º Stigma Genocide 14.617.310 19d, 6h 58m
11º Dlgp Genocide 14.457.334 12d, 5h 27m
12º Humanoide LeagueOfJustice 14.354.639 2d, 12h 57m
13º Songs4u Genocide 10.531.035 7d, 1h 29m
14º Sjogos Genocide 9.883.315 11d, 12h 57m
15º Hakko Genocide 8.585.776 12d, 22h 49m
16º PoringA LeagueOfJustice 7.951.042 17d, 11h 35m
17º Heifara - 7.470.375 3d, 12h 45m
18º Pirisca - 7.370.412 3d, 8h 59m
19º SorcerForce LeagueOfJustice 6.845.098 3d, 4h 47m
20º CrystalShop - 6.239.800 22d, 18h 57m
21º Altapompis - 5.288.957 3d, 4h 54m
22º Cabron LeagueOfJustice 5.200.812 4d, 5h 34m
23º faight LeagueOfJustice 5.194.547 5d, 1h 51m
24º LoLa Genocide 5.106.638 4d, 14h 15m
25º SaTaN - 4.467.645 0d, 3h 18m